Our Services

Here at Park Dental our patients are important to us and we care about you and your family’s overall health. We understand that not everyone shares the same dental problems, so we specialize in adult and elderly services along with pediatric services.

We offer an array of treatments including, bleaching and cosmetic restorations for stained or misshapen teeth; dental implants, dentures and partial dentures to replace missing teeth; and fluoride applications to counteract dry mouth and sensitivity.

For children, its important for them to go for regular visits, not only to evaluate tooth and gum health but also to educate the young patient in how to prevent dental problems and maintain a healthy smile throughout his or her life.

We always have time to speak with the parent(s), guardian(s), or accompanying adult(s) about how to care for the child’s teeth and also answer any questions they may have.

You can find out more about our Adult Services by clicking here.

You can find out more about our Pediatric Services by clicking here.